Anna Soubry – Why are you still here?

Anna Soubry – Why are you still here?

Blimey, Anna Soubry is on the TV/ Twitter Feed/ FB, or any other media you care to mention, again. For several weeks now I have been trying to work out just exactly what this newly demoted back bench MP deems to be her purpose.

During the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, and during the campaign, it was difficult to avoid the emotive tones and almost desperate pleading of Ms Soubry. The unedifying spectacle of a member of the government virtually in tears simply because the voters had expressed the opposite opinion to her own, was nauseating. The addressing of meetings of remaoners and petitioners, the early efforts at resistance, and lashing out at those on the opposite side, in almost every post vote documentary, seemed dominated by the now former minister.

For a while this was merely mildly irritating, people have different views and some express them in ways that may seem over the top or just grates on the nerves. Soon this irritation turned into annoyance, the appearance on question time, the almost constant talking head slots on the myriad of politics shows, or segments, on mainstream TV, and the attributed comments within many anti brexit press reports. Then the final straw. As soon as a rump of remainers managed to cobble together some sort of grouping, and strategy, there was Anna again. Now desperately defending the single market and parliamentary sovereignty, in the name of her constituents and businesses. From day one however it has been completely clear that the sole aim is to minimise, slow down or reverse the decision to leave the EU.

The greatest mystery of all is who Anna Soubry thinks she is representing. Her constituents voted overwhelmingly to Leave, her government are involved in the difficult and sensitive process of extracting ourselves from the failing bloc of the EU, her party members voted at least 2-1 to Leave (probably much more), supporters of her party are estimated to have voted 60/40 for Leave and  her region, primary nation and the United Kingdom as a whole voted to Leave.


Silencing Anna would be undemocratic and, although a welcome relief to many, not in the wider interest. However the huge amount of publicity her views receive cannot be correct. Her only platform is that of an MP and there are hundreds of them with remain centred views. Surely the BBC and other outlets can find MP’s representing remain voting areas to offer their views?

Surely the Conservative party in Boxtowe should be having a quiet but firm word with its MP. “Would you mind ever so much, representing the views of those who voted for you?” or even ” We understand that MP’s must also represent their conscience, but would you mind awfully if we asked you to do it somewhere else, Scotland perhaps?”



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