Brexit Negotiations – The Dream Team

Brexit Negotiations – The Dream Team

Conservative Party conference 2016
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Following the selection of Labours threesome, for negotiating our EU exit, perhaps we should look at a more realistic Dream Team for ensuring a clean and mutually beneficial Brexit.

Mr Corbyn’s team has two major problems. They are totally inexperienced in any matter of such vital international importance and they do not believe in Brexit in any real way. All three, and even Mr Corbyn, backed Remain and at least two of them have shown contempt for Leave voters and the wishes of the majority of the electorate in regard to immigration.

The dream team must feature heavyweight and experienced people from across the spectrum available us. Choosing partisan politicians who hold three international cabinet posts is simplistic at best and foolish at worst. No one has ever suggested that the Uk would be represented by Boris, David and Liam. Although at least they support Leave, believe in Britain and can speak and understand many languages between them!

If we assume that the headline team will be made up of three representatives, and The Prime Minister, this gives the UK many options for selecting a team of determined leave supporters who also hold the interests of the British people at heart. They will be backed up by an army of civil servants junior negotiators and lawyers ,to do the sherpa like tasks, but in the end they will represent the UK and its voters.

The Prime Minister – Theresa May

Mrs May will bring to bear a pretty formidable combination of experience, her dealings with the EU go back nearly a decade and are considered to have been highly successful, and dogged determination. The people respect her focus on doing the job and not getting carried away with ego. Her opposite numbers are aware that they cannot pull stunts and hope to slip something past her and both sides are aware that she is a pragmatist who will concentrate on solutions not ideology.

The Brexit Secretary – David Davis

David Davis is a former European Minister, in the Major government, and has previously been an SAS reservist. He is personally known to almost all the parties in the EU team and is, and always has been, a complete and passionate believer in the UK leaving the EU. He is also not one to over complicate a simple matter. His nickname of “Old Knuckleduster” gives a clue as to his combative nature. The UK needs at least one member of the team to be tough, plain speaking and completely pro Brexit in as positive a way as humanly possible. Davis is the best bet for this. His selection also shows Mrs May’s judgement is sound.

UK Lead Representative (Citizens) – Gisela Stuart


Ms Stuart will be free of her partisan MP duties after the upcoming election, possibly with a much deserved peerage, and is hugely respected amongst colleagues from both sides of the political divide. Gisela was heavily involved in drafting what became the EU Lisbon Treaty and is used to the operation of the Brussels machine. Her passionate belief in Brexit combined with many years of representing the Labour seat of Edgbaston in Birmingham give her a credibility among voters of all stripes. Her support of EU citizens rights and working people’s interest make her uniquely qualified for a role. Her ability to speak German and rebut the little Englander jibes will not go amiss.

UK Lead Representative (Trade & Industry) – Sir James Dyson


Put simply James Dyson is one of the few people to get the better of the EU and he has done it twice in the last twelve months. He has defeated major EU interests at the ECJ in a recent case and played a discreet but hugely influential role in Vote Leave. In addition to this he is experienced in the ways of the EU in relation to trade and business in ways that few politicians will ever be. His company has been involved in negotiations and struggles for many years, giving him a rare insight that we would be foolish to turn down. His view of Brexit as a huge positive opportunity together with a willingness to put his money and reputation where his mouth is would offer a formidable challenge to the bureaucrats who can only think one way.

UK Special Agent (Tactics & Strategy)

In any negotiation of this importance it is vital not to be seen as naive. The UK will need a ruthless behind the scenes strategist to ensure that our aims and objectives are achieved. Publicity, operational strategy, diversionary tactics and as many offensive dirty tricks as may, or may not, be required need to be planned and executed by someone with the intellectual capacity to anticipate when they are needed, dream them up and then ruthlessly implement them without guilt or hesitation.

In short, a ruthless, bomb throwing chess player with a mind for historical geo political strategy. In the absence of Ian Fleming only one person has demonstrated the brain, courage, ruthlessness and understanding to serve in this capacity. Step forward Dominic Cummings your country needs you!



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