Don’t Panic, We & Our Political Class are Re-Learning How to Govern Ourselves.

Don’t Panic, We & Our Political Class are Re-Learning How to Govern Ourselves.

If you have centre right views, the chances are you have been swinging from mild euphoria to extreme fear and trepidation over the last year or so. Following the EU Referendum you may have been cheery and positive whereas after last month’s near death, by Marxism, experience mild panic and then blessed relief will have run through your veins.

The overall effect, of these events, will be a heightened sense of distress at every turn toward, so called, soft Brexit or Corbynista momentum gain.  The dithering, incoherent government response, to events, daily tasks and even basic underlying principles, seems to foreshadow disaster at every turn. What’s going on? You might ask, just as you thought it was all turning your way, you may feel the rug has been pulled from under your feet.

Pause for a moment, take a deep breath and re frame your surroundings.

Corbyn shrug

So the loonies from Islington are on a bit of a roll, the current Conservative government seems to have forgotten the basic case for Conservatism, fiscal responsiblity, capitalism and free trade and the cabinet cannot agree on anything unless it has been road tested in the Sunday newspapers. However post election madness is not actually that rare, each faction and group tends to seize the initiative if possible or to create as much noise as possible as a distraction from a poor performance or result.

If Isaac Newton’s rules can be applied to politics then all the above was to be expected. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The initial headless chicken reaction of MP’s and others is slowly abating and a veneer of simply getting on with job is beginning to glaze over the hysterical Labour led nonsense. The sensible course of action will present itself and be adopted.

May stays as Prime Minister until at least next spring and quite possibly to the end of Brexit negotiations, between August 2018 and March 2019, at which point the Conservative Party will hold a leadership contest and present a new program and vision for “Britain Beyond Brexit”. If properly managed it is unlikely that Brexit will be greatly different to the PM’s initial white paper and Lancaster House speech, with possible transition arrangments. Thus the government will have delivered what 85% of the elctorate recently voted for.

Therefor every Conservative, or right leaning citizen, has at least three years to formulate positive principles and policies, and the presentation of them, to guide the UK going into the world post 2019. Surely this will be enough time to take the positive case to the UK and fight the backward socialists of Mr Corbyn’s hard left cabal, it is also more than likelty that “Hard Labour” will keep showing their true colours over the next few years and look a far less innocent package.

Other than simply that time, and common sense, is on our side there are other reasons to be positive, even in this sensationalized atmosphere. The disruption caused by both the Brexit Vote and the General election are part of a process that will force all elements of our political class and civil service to accept one simple fact. We are again responsible for governing ourselves! This can only lead to a modernisation and re invigoration of our institutions and procedures. MP’s and all others involved will have to do things, not just hand them over to others. Knowledge and its application may become as valuable a commodity as charisma and speech making.

The reaction to practical disaster, Grenfell Tower, and political upheaval, the DUP deal has demonstrated how poorly we are placed assess our strengths and weaknesses and began a process of renewal and overhaul before Brexit day in 2019. Yes folks our political lords and masters are going to have to do stuff again.  Build things, staff things, train people and generally get us in fighting fit shape. Not a bad aim.


This will finally help us kick off some of our hangover arrogance, acceptance of the status quo and administrative mediocrity. Our politicians will have to take direct responsibility again, our institutions will needs to be fully staffed, properly funded, streamlined and modernised in every way. Our people will have to get active and make efforts to fully understand and be involved in our politics again. It will be fantastic, we shall have to have proper policies again in areas such as agriculture, trade, environment, education and training. Leaving our government to the EU has been a national disaster, out sourcing our people’s future to Brussels distanced our democracy from its members and now they are demanding a real say, whether we like their views or not.

Forcing those who govern to have real and deep understanding of issues such as trade relationships and legal and constitutional development can only lead to more grown up government and more interactive politics. Our forty-three year old get out of jail free card is about to become invalid. No longer can Brussels be blamed for matters that should have been governments responsibility.

It will take time and there will be problems along the way. They will not be simply economic either. The recent controversies surrounding Northern Ireland  demonstrate that no longer will out of sight out of mind attitudes work with relation to the function of our Union.


This should fill all of us ‘Right’ minded folk with positivity. The renewal of an active democracy will also see the renewal of common sense. The La La Land promises of Corbyn et al will be seen as just that and straight forward Conservatism, with a Classical Liberal element, will offer a visible and practical set of values and principles that, if properly constructed, will bring about a consensus on all the major issues such as the NHS, Tax, Education and Social Care along with our inter governmental alliances and policies. If we can manage to stumble out of our, self-imposed, infantile state and take back control of our future a national and political renewal/revolution will have taken place from which we can only gain.


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