Brexit Boloney – 5 New Nothing Burgers from Project Fear.

Brexit Boloney – 5 New Nothing Burgers from Project Fear.

The propagandists of Zombie Remain have been working at full tilt in recent weeks to ensure that you are still subject to fear and loathing in Brexitland. Here are 5 of the latest efforts to scare everyone from pensioners to the critically ill. Oh Yeah, also a small dose of reality  to make sure you can sleep at night.

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More Brexit Boloney?


Claim: The Independent claims that Brexit will cause sacrifices not seen since WWII!

Reality: The article only mentions these sacrifices in the last line and does not detail them at all. The rest of the article details a possible strategy for making the most of a no deal Brexit. Basically a hardline Thatcherite model that even the author suggests might work!

Many nations outside the EU either have associate membership of Euratom or with other such bodies based in the US and elsewhere.

Claim: Cancer victims will suffer from Brexit! The various versions of this tale simply rely on the UK withdrawing from Euratom and doing nothing to replace its atomic regulation and research, especially in the medical field.

Reality: The UK will have to withdraw, from Euratom, as it is part of the EU treaties. However the Swiss already have an associate membership that works perfectly well. In addition the UK may well look to ally itself with US and Australian bodies that perform a similar function as well as developing its own. Yet another example of particularly nasty fear mongering.

Claim: The Great Repeal Bill is a draconian bill designed to give the government more secret power. Labour’s Clive Lewis even claimed it will turn the UK into a one party state.

Reality: No one has offered an alternative to the basic idea behind the bill. Put simply we need to prevent gaps in the law that would happen if we removed 43 years worth of cases, laws and regulations. In addition the bill will repeal the European Communities Act of 1972 and return full sovereignty to parliament. The scare tactics here imply that the government will use the Henry VIII clauses ( powers that allow the government to technically amend laws without changing them) to do as it pleases behind the scenes. Funny that no one protested that for 43 year most European legislation was passed behind the scenes and without even a vote. The truth is that the powers enable those translating laws to replace the words  “European Parliament” with ” United Kingdom Parliament” and other such slight amendments.

Surely MP’s would not like the idea of working 24/7 for the next decade debating and voting on each and every language change in the tens of thousands of laws needed to be transposed?

Claim: The UK negotiations team are unprepared and or incompetent. Various sources have either claimed this or claimed that that is the view of the EU team.

Despite being radically shocked, by Brexit, the idea that the civil service are incompetent and unorganised is a bit tough to take.

Reality: David Davies and his team have been working away for nearly nine months. They have produced plenty of ideas and plans. However they are not happy to declare any detail, outside the negotiations or, until they have a good idea what the EU are thinking. The citizens rights offer demonstrates that actually the UK can produce detailed and constructive proposals that are not a million miles from an agreement. They seem however to want tease out as much information from the EU before declaring their hand. The EU are simply complaining that the UK will not show its hand early. UK sources supporting the negative view of the UK approach are doing more harm than good.

A perfect example of this was yesterdays fuss regarding how many notes each side had. The EU released a still of their side having reams of paperwork and documents whilst the UK team appeared to have one slim black notebook between them. If your case is strong enough you do not need reams of paper to demonstrate it. 

Claim: Economy already in decline due to Brexit! This is daily drip feed of stories with the tilt being that every single figure comes with a “due to Brexit” or a “despite Brexit” tag.

Reality: Pretty much the only negative economic area that can be partially laid at the door of Brexit is the higher than expected rises in inflation. This has dropped again today and is predicted by almost everyone to settle back pretty swiftly. The rest of the economic indicators are the usual mix of positive and negative. Growth is slightly lower than hoped but still upward and steady. Investment is strong and manufacturing and exports and very promising.

The constant downbeat whirring from the Remoaners and their friends in the media may well be one of the primary causes for a slight dip in confidence. If they put as much efforts into creating a positive plan for Brexit and post Brexit Britain things might get even better!

Vote Leave campaign director has always held doubts about the appropriateness of the referendum and the ability of the outdated Whitehall machine to maximise its benefits.

Claim: High Profile Leavers suffering from Bregret! Apparently some of the highest profile leavers are suffering doubts and regrets now that they see the reality.

Reality: Read a little further into any of these stories and what you see is that people like Gisela Stuart and Dominic Cummings have legitimate concerns about the process of the referendum or the ability of the government to carry things out well. Being as the that puts them in the same camp as most of the rest of the country I think we can move on unperturbed.

Gisela Stuart also refered to the way the referendum was called, and held, as imperfect. The idea of Bregret is utter rubbish.



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