What to call a Remainer……?

What to call a Remainer……?

Recently I have bemoaned the nasty habit of using derogatory labels, names and add ons for those of differing political views. The vicious tone of much of the discussion surrounding Brexit, Trump and Corbyn is nasty and divisive in tone and often abusive. None seem able to mention those with other views without adding summary put downs.

Jacob Rees Mogg. An arch Brexiteer yet totally respectful to those who voted differently

A particular concern are the terms added to Leave and Remain voters. Some, from both sides, are meant to carry a mild rebuke  e.g. Remoaner or Brexiteer. Whilst others carry far worse implications suggesting evil intentions e.g. Continuity Remain or Brexstremists. Surely twelve months after the referendum we can do better than hurl spiteful names. However the concept of trying to identify differing groupings of those on both sides is understandable and sometimes necessary when attempting to discuss and debate the finer points of Brexit reality.

My chosen prefix for the last few months has been Zombie. When tied to Remain it summarises the groups of individuals and special interest groups that will not let any opportunity pass without raising the spectre of another referendum or some such devise to derail what they see as a national disgrace and catastrophe. However I accept that it has a negative context. Linking anyone with the walking dead etc. is not ideal. Thus an improved idea was needed.

Alistair Campbell
Alistair Campbell, the architect of Neo Remain?

At last one has arrived. Neo-Remain, surely this cannot be objected to in any major way. Many of the grouping are indeed new and their common cause certainly is. Many have similarities to what are referred to as Neo-Cons and, in basic decency terms, there is no nasty connotation.

That’s it then in a spirit of fairness and in an attempt not to use over heated, nasty, war like, terms it shall be Neo Remain from now on. I wonder what similarly reasonable but descriptive term could be applied to us Leavers?


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